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Posted on 2007.03.16 at 17:14
How I feel: blahblah
What I'm hearing: Children's March= win
Right now I really have nothing to be discouraged about. One quarter left in the year, the weather's ok, and I'm doing fine in all my classes. Maybe I'm just so used to being bummed like I was all the way through the rest of winter that I have to find something to be depressed about. Like right now, I'm annoyed with people. People who think that they can give dating advice to me despite the fact that they are utterly clueless about anything of that variety. I may be a pathetic loser, but at least I'm a pathetic loser who has a girlfriend, so they can't (or shouldn't) be telling me what I'm doing wrong. I guess that's just the weakness of my culture: no clue about anything involving women. I suppose I'm doing something right, it's been 5 freaking months, after all. Meh, I think I'm being pathetic because I cant stop being sarcastic when i need to, but that's also totally unimportant. Anyhoo, I have homework that I should be doing, so I hereby call this post CLOSED.

Posted on 2007.01.30 at 20:47
I have felt like crap these last few days. I don't know what it is. Everything that's usually just a minor setback in the week feels like the worst news I've heard in my life. All it is is maybe something have to do in the evening or just that I didn't finish some homework, but no matter how insignificant I tell myself the issue is, it just seems to kick me in the face. I think it may have something to do with my schedule change I got for this semester. It's thrown me so out of what I'm used to, it's almost like going to a new school. I need another long break. I neeeeeed to get away from people. Everyone seems to get on my nerves. I'm even getting on my own nerves, I keep screwing up miserably in simple crap like having conversations or even making eye contact with people. Yes, eye contact. Sounds stupid, I know. But it is incredibly frustrating to think of what a bad impression you left on someone because you wouldn't even look them in the face. School is driving me nuts, I need a freaking break.

stah wohrs muffin

Posted on 2007.01.27 at 21:56
So, I just went to see Epic movie. And it is possibly the most dreadful movie I've seen in my LIFE. Ugh. Massive waste of money. But at least at the theater we got to see someone drop a baby. Don't panic, the baby was in a solid plastic car seat/carrier and was being held maybe 3 inches off the ground. What was really funny about the situation was hearing:



right after we come in. Again I say, the baby was fine. The above noises were the only humor in the occasion. I kinda wish the baby hadn't been involved because then I wouldn't feel guilty about it.

In related news: Andrew actually uses Flash!! see below!!



Posted on 2007.01.01 at 15:54
How I feel: gloomygloomy
What I'm hearing: nothing
Happy new year. Happy going back to school with 2 take-home tests done in about two seconds, no science study guide, and fin*stab*als to worry about next week. Happy my summers going to be really busy again. Happy sucky part of the year. Happy....feet.

I'm not sure what I've been thinking lately. I've had all of break to study for finals and finish my homework, but all I really have the urge to do is play Maplestory. I seriously did nothing yesterday but eat and play maplestory. And I think that if I had the choice I would have done that all break. Neh. I've been sort of depressed since christmas, and I cant figure out why. Besides the obvious "thispartoftheyearmakesmewanttoripmyeyesoutIamnotevenjoking" thing, I really have no reason to. I had a good christmas, a good break, and all that stuff. I did get Flash, and that is reason to rejoice. I just feel weird.


Posted on 2006.12.03 at 19:16
How I feel: exanimateexanimate
What I'm hearing: the dishwasher
Guess I forgot to update in November. Nothing truly interesting happened, so I guess it doesn't really make a difference. I made symphonic band and got a nicer french horn, and we got a snow day last friday. thats about it. Right now I'm really just waiting for Christmas break. 18 more days... It's always a really painful wait. ><

I'm doing better in Biology, and I'm reeeeeeeeeally far behind on reading in LA (Count of Monte Cristo=BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING xP). But considering that the only test on it is a take home exam for Christmas break, I can probably get by with a summary online. Yes it's lazy. But I really don't care, as long as it gets done. Other than those two things, I have absolutely nothing remarkable happenning in school. And I haven't done a whole lot elsewhere, so really for the last month I've been bored. Bleh.

*falls asleep on keyboard* cxxxxdfccccccccccccccc

update!!!1 weeeeeeeeeeee

Posted on 2006.10.22 at 17:31
How I feel: indifferentindifferent
Given that I havent updated this since last month, a whole lot has happened. So I'll try to summarize it.
that which has happened from Sept. 27 to Oct. 22
-Obtained a new cat.
-Played Maplestory till my eyes bled.
-Had a good competition at Metamora (1st in class, Best Percussion).
-Had constant band practice that made me want to kill myself.
-Started CCD again. T_T
-Got my Paintball gun. ^_^
-Hated Biology.
-Fired pumpkins with a catapult.
-Anything else I forgot. (I'm so helpful)

But the biggest thing was ISU/U of I/ISU-again yesterday. We left the school at 6:00 AM with a police escort (?!?!?) and wearing uniforms. We performed at 8-something, and in my opinion, we screwed up a whole lot. Yet we won Best in Class, Best Winds, Best Percussion, Best General Effect, and Best audience reaction. And we got an automatic seat in Night Finals. So, after the awards, we went off to U of I in civilian clothes. We got there about three hours early, so we watched some other bands, then changed, then got ready to perform. And perform we did. Once again, I thought we did a pretty crappy job, yet somehow we got Best in Class and Best Percussion again. After dashing out of Memorial Stadium, we drove back to ISU for night finals. By this time it was pouring down rain and we were all soaked. But we went out there and had the best performance we've ever had. I felt so awesome about how we did, I thought we'd at least do as good or better than last year. I guess we didn't. 11th out of 12. As opposed to 7th last year. It was like being punched in the face. I wasn't expecting to get first (no, Marion Catholic has reserved that right for eternity), but I was expecting to do better than second to last! And everyone says, "well at least you made it to night finals!" I knew we were going to be in night finals. I was there to live up to last year at night finals. But I guess we didn't. Oh well, there's always BOA.


Posted on 2006.09.27 at 17:35
How I feel: depresseddepressed
So, I'm finally taking the time to update again. And, school is boring me to death. And, band is sucking up all my free time. And, I'm bored right now too. I hate the school year T_T. I'm starting to see what people mean about band people. People in band are jerks. Or, everyone that's not a freshman in band is a jerk. Seriously, all of the sophmores and seniors are too wildly fanatical about band to allow it to be any fun. They don't think it's good enough that we can kill anyone around here even with a bad performance. We can't relax just a little bit. It's like being in a freaking Nazi marching band. I hate them all.

Turns out I have CCD this year not on Sunday like I thought but on Wednesday. AGAIN. And It starts next freaking week. My year's gone to hell. Nothing's fun anymore T_T. But whatever, I have the weekend free, at least I think I do, there's probably something gay I don't want to do.

I'm not emo, life just sucks right now.

Labor Daybor

Posted on 2006.09.04 at 21:01
How I feel: weirdweird
What I'm hearing: Chariots of fire *inspired*
*dances despite the fact school goes back to normal tomorrow*

It's getting back to Fall. I'm sitting in the basement, wearing my favorite black hoodie, and it's cold outside. And I have to think about school again. I think that now, after a week and a half, I can tell which teachers are going to be good and which are going to be CRAZY NAZI COMMUNISTS (I am aware of how little sense that makes)!!!!! Such as Mr. Lynn. Seems like a nice guy. But it turns out he's one of those teachers who likes to make you feel stupid if you say something wrong. He also seems to think that since we are the honors class, we are capable of doing excessive amounts of homework without considering stabbing ourselves. Not true. We've had about three things due almost every day so far, and during study hall I'm enveloped in Science things that I don't know anything about, because they are totally unrelated to what we did in class. So, I'm not going to be liking biology this year. At least that's the way things are going now.

And as I'm sure everyone's heard, Steve Irwin got killed. When I first heard about it, I thought it was some kind of sick counter-joke, so we could never say "crikey" again without feeling guilty. But really, I think it sucks. Not only can we not say crikey anymore, there's a big piece of TV missing now. He will be missed. :(

I've got a great new shirt concept. I'll put it together and post it soon.

School till 3:00 is teh suxor!!!1



Posted on 2006.08.27 at 17:54
How I feel: sillysilly
What I'm hearing: lawnmowers! ( last bits of summer fallout)
Bleh. Sorry about the emo rant, I'm just having trouble getting used to school again. But ironically, since the first day of school, I've had an evil cold that filled my sinuses with badness. I actually don't feel so bad about school anymore, now that I've gotten to rest this weekend and all. The amounts of homework we've got so far have been scary for the first week. Thank God I have a study hall now, or I'd be dead. The football game on Friday was an absolute embarrassment for the football team, but a great show for the band. Seriously, I don't know why everyone's so enthusiastic about the sucky football team when there's better groups at the High School. I mean, we won more awards last year than they have in probably the last ten years. Yet somehow everyone clings to the biggest group of jerks in existence. Maybe people aren't interested in band, and thats fine. But there no reason to freaking resent us! I think that our school needs to reevaluate where the talent is.

So long!!! °n°


Posted on 2006.08.23 at 19:22
God. School started again. I'm so unbelievably mad right now. Because I know that until May, my life will be reduced to homework, getting up early, depression, arguing, and getting sick. I hate this half of the year. It's so stupid, especially if you're starting high school. Today I barely had any idea of what was going on. I'm so pissed. God. I hate winter. I hate school. All I want is the summer I missed. I hate watching all the good stuff about summer erode into cold, short, miserable, school-is-your-life-now days. I hate days where you get out of school and it's getting dark, and when you're done with homework the day is over because it's really late or certain people have taken over the computers. And if there's something you don't have done, you can't freaking sleep because you're worried about if you can get it done tomorrow, and what your nazi teacher will do to you if you don't have it done. With band, I'll have absolutely no time to do homework until almost december. I don't want to worry about this bull, I just want to have a few more weeks free. School does more bad than it does good. I just want it all to be over.

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